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I love learning and experimenting quickly

Howdy! My name is Zach. I am applying to the Masters in Science and Technology Innovation at the University of Washington. The biggest thing that attracted me to the MSTI program is that I view it as a launchpad for success. I am attracted to the idea of learning in an environment where we can take ideas and give them life in the shape of actual, physical products that are in the real world.

Zachary Badger-Markey

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I’ve experienced a slice of the working world in both large and small companies. While helping people achieve their dreams through working for their business is great, I’m ready to build my dream.

I want to create products that people use in the real world. Not just any products -- they need to be useful, economically sound, and built in a mindful way. I see the MSTI program as a foundation upon which I can build these products. My hope is the building, teachers, curriculum and the other students will all help foster an environment where we can quickly iterate and actualize our ideas.

The current areas that interest me are brain-to-computer interaction, blockchain technology, and the habits that surround technology use.

Why I am a good Candidate:


Everyday I'm hustlin'

Experience with Risk

Social Entrepreneurship

Started multiple businesses


BS in Informatics:

Human Computer Interaction

Built 3 cryptocurrency mining rigs

Looking to Prototype Ideas

Design Thinking

Design Classes in College

Designed ads seen by millions

HTML5 video experiences

Hoping to get more experience here


VP of IUGA 2011-2012

Onboarded new employees

Technical Lead at current job

Respect starts with the individual

Balance and Humility

500-hour Yoga Teacher Training

'Always a student' mentality

Seek to understand instead of blame

Enjoys the outdoors as much as technology

Global Worldview

Traveled to over 10 countries

Worked Remotely in Asia for 2 months

Studied 2 years of Chinese in college

Open and respectful to all cultures



Here are some of my latest work
Click on a project to learn more

EMC Logo

In May of 2017 I ordered and built 3 different cryptocurrency mining rigs with two of my business partners. We call it the Ethereum Mining Coalition. As of January 1, 2018, if we have paid off our initial investment and everything we mine from now on is now considered profit. Sweet!

Accretive Logo

I have worked at Accretive Technology group for the past 3 and a half years. I have learned a lot about building websites, designing experiences for all devices, and serving digital assets to millions of users.

Budshark Logo

BudShark is a Yelp for medical marijuana dispensaries. The design was inspired by AirBnB and Rover.com. My co-founders and I were looking for a way to break into the marijuana industry, more for the growth potential than anything else.

Alltreatment Logo

AllTreatment is a rehab directory website. My roles varied greatly while working here, but one of the most notable projects I worked on was redesigning the look and feel of the website. Thanks to the redesign, our revenues went up 30%. Sweet!

Diablo Logo

Diablo 3 Strategy Guide was a business that I helped co-found. We secured the domain "diablo3strategyguide.com", which we hoped would be very helpful in showing up for organic search results. It proved to be instrumental in our initial progress and eventual failure.

Obata Logo

The One Bus Away Transit Ambassador was my Informatics capstone project. One Bus Away is a service that gives you real-time bus times. Our program aimed to reduce time errors via "Transit Ambassadors" -- power users who want to give back to the service.

Align Logo

Align was a design project in which my team and I were tasked with creating a new way to think about calendars. We explored several options, and landed upon going with a time-line visualization. My biggest individual contribution was the video, and I had a blast with it.