A Little About Me

Howdy! My name is Zachary Markey. I am a developer, designer, yoga teacher, and world citizen. I thrive off of competition and challenge. I love to learn and do not intend to ever stop. I seek out positive vibes and try to spread them to all I come in contact with.

I graduated from the University of Washington's Information School with a degree in Human-Computer Interaction. The biggest focus throughout my schooling was that technology should be designed for the people who use it. Thus, I take a user-centered approach to everything I do.

During school I interned with Boeing. When it was time to graduate, I decided to forge my own path and joined a startup rather than return to the safe route. I got to experience the risk of startups firsthand when the financials withered away. So, after about a year and a half at my first post-college job, I am on the search again!

I am currently looking for a front-end development or user-experience job that will challenge my technical and design chops but still allow for enough creativity and input so that I feel invested and satisfied with the work that I do.





  • > HTML4,5 Structural Master
  • > CSS3 Animations and Transitions
  • > JS, jQuery Effects and Animations
  • > AJAX, JSON, XML, DOM Manipulation
  • > Photoshop - Call Me Swami Shortcut


  • MySQL Query Manipulation <
  • PHP Prowress <
  • Python Finesse <
  • MVC Framework (CodeIgniter) <
  • Sharepoint -- Built Custom App <


  • > Premiere Pro - Budding Tarantino Status
  • > SEO Page and Website Design
  • > SEO Keyword Research and Analysis
  • > UX - Wireframes, Personas, Research
  • > Wireframe Tool - Balsamiq
  • > Google Analytics - Event Tracking and Optimization


  • Interviewed and Hired Employees <
  • Vice President of IUGA <
  • 200-Hour Yoga Teacher <
  • Started Multiple Scholarships <
  • Independent Project at Boeing <
  • Lead Role in Stone Cold Dead Serious <

Recent Projects

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  • BudShark is a Yelp for medical marijuana dispensaries. The design was inspired by AirBnB and Rover.com. My co-founders and I were looking for a way to break into the marijuana industry, more for the growth potential than anything else (100+ Billion Dollar Industry).
  • Skills: Wireframes (Balsamiq), Design, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Photoshop, PHP, CodeIgniter, SEO
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AllTreatment Redesign DESIGN + DEVELOPMENT

  • AllTreatment is a rehab directory website. My roles varied greatly while working here, but one of the most notable projects I worked on was redesigning the look and feel of the website. Thanks to the redesign, our revenues went up 30%. Sweet!
  • Skills used: Wireframes, Design, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Photoshop, PHP, CodeIgniter, SEO
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  • Align was a design project in which my team and I were tasked with creating a new way to think about calendars. We explored several options, and landed upon going with a time-line visualization. My biggest individual contribution was the video, and I had a blast with it.
  • Skills used: Premier Pro, Wireframes, Keynote, Photoshop, Illustrator, Design Presentations
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    Diablo3StrategyGuide.com SEO

  • Diablo 3 Strategy Guide was a business that I helped co-found. We secured the domain "diablo3strategyguide.com", which we hoped would be very helpful in showing up for organic search results. It proved to be instrumental in our initial progress and eventual failure.
  • Skills used: Premier Pro, SEO Keyword Research and Strategy, Diablo Skillz, Photoshop
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  • The One Bus Away Transit Ambassador was my Informatics capstone project. One Bus Away is a service that gives you real-time bus times. Our program aimed to reduce time errors via "Transit Ambassadors" -- power users who want to give back to the service.
  • Skills used: Premier Pro, User Interviews and Research, Wireframes, Competitive Analysis
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